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At Sunflower Design you can find unique, well done and special designed products. The Specialty products include: bags, aprons, kitchen accessories, dolls, toys, bathroom and household items. The studio is also available for custom, made-to-order products, orders for restaurants, companies or private customers.

Sunflower Design belongs to Action Felix. This means that Sunflower Design can operate like other companies who produce and sell.The products are marketed locally in our Gift Shop as well as internationally through the Caminul Felix Choir and Design's tours.

Our aim and fabric

The first aim of this ministry is to provide jobs and practical education in sewing, and other crafts to the youth people growing up in the Caminul Felix family villages. Sunflower Design also gives opportunity for individual development and social support.

Most of the materials we use have been donated from different countries. In this way, we also care for the environment by recycling the fabric. Sunflower Design also supports national factories by purchasing fabric made in Romania.

Sunflower Design Sweden Tour 2015

4 nov Försäljning i Pingskyrkans Secondhand  butik, Ågatan, Mölndal

5 nov Hemförsäljning, Kållered

10 nov  Dagledigträff, Östhammars missionskyrka

13 nov. Försäljning under lunchserveringen på Gyllenhavs Taverna, Trollhättan

14 nov.  Försäljning Kungsbergskyrkans Second Hand  Stegsgat.1, Åmål

14 nov. Försäljning i pingstkyrkan Skattkärr

15 nov. Försäljning efter gudstjänsten pingstkyrkan. Strandgat 22, Trollhättan

17 nov. Hemförsäljning, Mölndal

18 nov. Hemförsäljning, Lindome

19 nov.  Betania, Kungshamn

21 nov. Försäljning i Korskyrkan, Krokslättsgat 10, Mölndal

23 nov Södertullkyrkan, Uddevalla

26 nov.  Open house, Catarina,Mölndal

29 nov. Christmas fair, Henån